Energy Fee

Energy Surcharge for Air Freight Handling Services at ATS Air Transport Service AG.

Since the second quarter of 2022, we've all felt the impact of the rise in energy costs. These costs have been increasing significantly and, at times, unpredictably, given the uncertainty on future trends.

In response to these challenges and the difficulty in reliably estimating future energy cost increases, we have introduced a variable Energy Fee (EF).

Our Energy Fee is calculated based on the average prices of gas, electricity, and diesel in 2021, as per LIK (German short for National consumer price index) (=100%) The new average prices are then determined on a monthly basis according to LIK, and the price index is calculated compared to the base.

Energy Fee Billing

The Energy Fee is billed monthly and is a percentage surcharge on the total value in CHF of the specified handling/brokerage costs. It is listed as a separate item on your monthly invoice. Please note that no credit will be issued if the index falls below 100%.

Adjustment Frequency

Monthly Updates: Ideally, these updates will occur by the 3rd working day of each month, taking into account data availability. These adjustments apply to all air freight handling/brokerage services billed in the current month, with invoices issued in the following month.